Saturday, May 5, 2012

Holy Trifecta Batman!

Today is my Trifecta...

It's Derby Day - So there was a lot of horsing around at the Lessner home. We pulled out the stick horses and did a few laps around the living room, hoping to run off some of the excess energy that "A" had built up after spending the last few days home with a "stummy" virus. Special thanks to my parents, Ran & Joyce Loy for the awesome hat from the San Diego Hat Co. I must say, I DO love this hat!

It's Cinco de Mayo - Since I felt a bit of a "stummy" ache today, we are postponing our usual New Mexico Hatch Green Chili Flat Enchiladas and Rita's until later this week... it still counts right? (For my sister's recipe for NM Green Chili check out In the Kitchen!)

And (drum roll please.....)

It's my blog-o-versary - One year ago today, my dear friend Lauren Pickle Day made me this spiffy little resting spot to mark progress in my spiritual journey, wander around in my daydreams and keep written benchmarks for my life with the Stig and these girlies of ours.

Psalm 19 sums up my plea (in this blog) to the true Holy Trifecta:

May the words of my mouth 
And the meditations of my heart
Be pleasing to You, my God
You're my rock and my redeemer
You're the reason that I sing
I desire to be a blessing in Your eyes
Every hour and every moment
Lord, I want to be a blessing in Your eyes.
 (Shane & Shane take me straight to the throne room with their version of this one) 

Sweet friends - my prayer for us as we embark on yet another year of grace, is that we chase after Him like there's no promise of catching Him tomorrow. May we each feel the warmth of His smile as we run headlong into His arms of mercy. What a great day to be His child... We are blessed... and today we stopped to take notice!

So don a funny hat, cook up some food that's good for the soul, run a few laps around the house on a broom (on the off chance that you find yourself in a house without a stick horse), and celebrate today the things that draw you close to the Trinity. 

Three times More of You Lord, and way less of me.

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