Lessner Photo-op's

"A's" 2nd Birthday Candyland Cake - She was dressed as the Candy Princess (the tutu was a must - the tiara was optional)
My favorite part about this cake: Target made the cake - we decorated it w/candy.
And after everyone took their favorite candy it looked so picked over that we just threw it away! No left-overs!
(please excuse the box... totally pre-blog picture)
E! and I love to look for heart shaped things in the world; rocks, clouds, and in this case the crusty bread at Jason's Deli!

Our children love to give us a challenge - so when E! said that she wanted
 a "baby-in-a-manger/Star War's" birthday party in February we rose to the occasion!
The Stig made these incredible "Princess Leia Sticky Cinnamon Buns" (recipe to come),
made Yoda Soda (Sprite w/green apple syrup... YUM!) and served Tie Fighter Breakfast Tacos.
We slapped the Fisher Price Nativity on top of a pile of cinnamon rolls, added a few Star Wars figures for good measure
(plus they created that dramatic effect - you know ... protecting the baby Jesus and all).
Suspiciously, Mary has been missing ever since...
E! & I were thrilled this Valentine's day weekend to find our local Chick-fil-a making breakfast biscuits -
you guessed it - HEART SHAPED!
This year E! showed her eclectic sensibilities again when she asked that her birthday be:
A Yoga/Art/Karaoke/Hello Kitty Party!
Her daddy whipped out some delicious "DIY" (decorated it yourself) cupcakes to round out the day!
As her art teacher put it - "E! loves a shash-up!"
After last summer's drought - I promised the girls we'd dance in the rain when it came this spring!
So "A" and I enjoyed one of the showers-of-blessings recently.
I love how her reflection shows off the STAR that she is!
(Maybe I can start looking for stars with her...)
One of the girls favorite pass times - tea parties!
We have them quite often and their grandmothers have both given them a love for the finer things;
cloth napkins, real china, sugar cubes & loose tea (rather than the bagged stuff!)
When "A" turned three her precious fairy-God-mothers
 (Aunt Charlie & Aunt Dianne) made sure we had the perfect cupcakes for her "Fairytale" Party.
Look at the glasses on those bookworms... Too cute!
After a recent trip out of town - my "mom-sense" completely left the building,
and I served the girls these ice cream clowns for BREAKFAST!?!?
The look on their faces was priceless though... the girls faces that is!