Friday, December 23, 2011


Isaiah 11:6 "Then wolves will live at peace with lambs, and leopards will lie down in peace with young goats. Calves, lions, and bulls will all live together in peace. A little child will lead them."

Considering what was going on in our house, it would have been all to easy to miss this one. I mean was up to my armpits in tape, wrapping paper and presents.  The Stig had very generously made me homemade biscuits & gravy for breakfast and then grabbed E! and the two were off doing some last minute errands (that I was informed where "none of my bee's wax!") 

So it was just "A" and me at home. She was playing quietly upstairs while watching a Christmas video. Entertaining a 3 year old while wrapping a family's worth of stocking stuffers and presents wasn't  on my "To Do List" for the morning... but she was being really good. She'd only tried twice to come into my bedroom. And for someone who only recently came to understand the idea of sweet secrets, that was pretty good.

I came banging up the stairs with a load of junk that had previously been strewn around the house... muttering about being tired of always picking up other people's stuff. "Shh..." she whispered, "Momma, baby Jesus is being born for me!"
I stood there with my mouth a gasp, tears forming in my eyes. There sitting on the floor of our game room, she had assembled them all - Bob and Larry, angels and animals along with no fewer than four "baby Jesus" stand ins. 

With Nutella spread across her little cherub cheeks she explained that they were all waiting for Jesus to be born again - this time for her. When I asked her why she had so many tiny infants there she looked at me as though that were a silly question and said, "Because I need him!"

Oh sweet baby Jesus - Thank you for being born again for me today.

More of you baby Jesus... and a whole lot less of me!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Thank you "A" for the reminder of how much we need Jesus! More of Jesus less of me!! Merry Christmas Lessner family...we LOVE y'all ;=)

  2. "A" lol I love, Less of (me) is more (Jesus)...I love it